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The 100 Fathers mission is to change the paradigm of how fathers and men are valued in today's society, and develop fathers of high moral character.

Our founder

Franklin Malone

Franklin Malone CEO

Tristan Breaux
Deputy Director

           "Ordinary Men Doing Extraordinary Things"

When I first got the idea to begin 100 Fathers, Inc., I can remember what I was doing. I was being a father and for the first time in my life, I realized how absent I had been in my own daughter's life. I got a second chance and I promised myself to be present no matter what. Even if I got it wrong all the time, every time, they will never say I wasn't there. 
Men need to know how important they are. Their absent is felt... for generations. But absent is a choice and we can do better! We just need a little help sometimes. 

Rites of Passage

For Young men & Boys 

David W Smith

​Vice President

Stephanie Perry
Chief Operating Officer

Ray Savoy
Vice President, Adminstrative